Nov. 27, 2013

133 Blinkist
Read a book without actually reading it.
67 Product Hunt
is for product people
42 CoffeeMe
Tinder for Professional Networking
23 Mindie
Create 7-Second Music Videos
22 Refresh
Discover common ground for better conversations
20 coub
Lets you pair audio w/ short video for hilarious meme-effect
Top 100 charts for electronic dance music
11 Exposure
Create Beautiful Photo Narratives
10 Readtime
Helps me get through my pocket
9 Storyboard
Press kit platform
8 React Messenger
Selfie Messenging
6 Readmill
A beautiful e-book reader for iPhone, iPad and Android
5 Hatch
The app that loves you back
5 Bookd
Your booking storefront. Just rebuilt.
5 Bonsai
SMS-based daily reflection tool
3 Jolla (Sailfish OS)
An alternative android OS
2 Sense
Tell your story with photos
2 Launchpad
Native mobile at the speed of HTML5