Dec. 3, 2013

1003 Slack
Be less busy. Real-time messaging, archiving & search.
88 Calm
Take a break and meditate.
Clean up your inbox
64 Dash
Learn to make awesome websites
58 Sprig
Hand-crafted dinners on demand
42 Toggl
insanely simple free time tracking
25 Luna
Delivers your packages when you're home for the night.
24 QuizUp
3 Million Users, 3 Weeks. A trivia app.
17 Publishizer
Launch a preorders campaign for your book
12 Fetchntoes
Organize and share your notes how you want.
12 Context
fast visual texting
4 Dizzybees
Addictive ios game like candycrush. Smart monetization.
Do everything, be everywhere
3 Hast
Make presentations on the fly in real time.