Dec. 4, 2013

917 Hang W/
JustinTV style live-video broadcasting (celebs on board)
34 Athos
Wearable workout clothes that track your workouts
27 Bench
A new kind of accountant
24 StartupList
Discover startups, gain early traction
18 Songdrop
Pinterest for music
14 StoryWorth
Easily record family stories
13 Snapcard
Pay with Bitcoin on any website
8 Beats Music
Music Streaming Service Backed by Dr. Dre
6 Boya
One Sentence Snapblogging
6 CanOpener
Fine tune your headphones
5 WiseCash
Master your cash-flow
5 Remix
Make simple, fun changes to 3D model designs
4 Colored Coins
Bitcoin Minting Protocol
3 Pivvot
A fun test of spatial awareness and reflexes (great game)
2 Michron
Timelapse Photography for Everyone