Jan. 6, 2014

868 f.lux
Adjusts your computer's display to adapt to the time of day
97 Minibar
Uber for alcohol
64 CanIStream.it
Find where the movie/tv show you want to watch is streaming
50 Feast
Become a Cook in 30 Days
47 Splitwise
Share bills and IOUs. Make sure everyone gets paid back.
35 appfigures
App Store Sales Analytics
30 TriplAgent
Insider City Guides from Locals
Create new websites by modifying existing ones
18 Vero
Email Automation & Transactional Emails
18 Tweak
a native iOS design prototyping tool
13 Embarke
Optimize email campaigns for revenue
12 Hookfeed
Stop missing important Stripe events
10 Grokker
Expert videos around cooking, yoga, and fitness
9 Rainbow Pencils
Make rainbows whenever you sharpen.
9 Sen.se Mother
We take Smart Connected Devices to the next step
8 Magnum CI
Hosted continuous integration & deployment
8 Coins
Bitcoin value tracker (mobile app)
6 Orbotix 2B
The newest addition to the Sphero family of connected toys
5 Recher Calculator
Awesome gesture-based calculator. Beautifully designed.
5 CO Everywhere
Hyper-local news for every neighborhood in the world
3 Zeeik
Watch YouTube categories as a collective
2 KPToolz
Best valve tool for bike mechanics and cycling enthusiasts
2 Layeramic
Create photos that move when you tilt your phone