Aug. 21, 2014

2075 Product Hunt for iOS
The best new products, every day, in your pocket
609 Serendipity by Spotify
Map shows when two people play same song at same time
598 The Stocks
the best royalty free stock photos in one place
358 Lookback's Awesome Mode
Record everything on iOS: any app, any website. No SDK.
326 UXCam
Watch how users use your app: complete UX analytics tool
313 Estimote Nearables
iBeacons just got smaller
285 Real Favicon Generator
Favicons for all formats, at the push of a button
233 Swing Copters
The new game from Flappy Bird's creator (so annoying!)
208 Perspective Mockups
Hipster-as-f*** perspectives for your designs
170 Teamstory 1.8
A social network for startups & entrepreneurs
150 Waved
Voxer meets TapTalk: the fastest way to say a lot
150 Email Permutator+
Use with Rapportive to find Almost Anyone's Email Address
132 Freeshot
Beautiful dribbble client for iOS
106 Poachable
Anonymously explore career opportunities.
106 Spectrum
Intuitively design beautiful color schemes
97 Try Boosted Boards
Ride the the lightweight electric longboard in SF
93 Totems
Advanced social analytics platform for Instagram
79 Whiteboard Fox
Simple Online Whiteboard
77 iTranslate Voice
Instantly speak another language
76 Status Magic
Add perfect status bars to your iOS App Store screenshots.
76 Copify
Copywriting made easy and on-demand
73 Square Analytics
Free Analytics Tools For Merchants
71 N3TWORK 2.0
Internet TV Network
62 CodeFights
How Fast Can You Debug?
57 Hubble Stars
Daily research on startups from our analysts.
56 Antetype
Design responsive UIs for apps and websites.
49 Expensify SmartRides
Uber integration for all travel tracked by Expensify
42 Wifi Detecting Shirt
Wear some nerd on your sleeve
41 Rap Board
Tupac, Snoop, & all your favorite rappers on a sound board
39 WebCurfew
Simple, Effective, Free Internet Parental Control pre-launch
38 Raincast
% chance of rain on your home screen
38 Camu
Camera App, Photo Editor And Mobile Messenger
36 Click Shirt
Print custom shirts from the right click menu
31 Amigdala
Mobile app that tracks local crime in real time
30 Snapcat
Photo app for cats
29 Twile
A beautiful timeline of your family life
26 Vemory
Creates video memories from your social media photos
24 SchoolGuard
alerts all police officers within a 20-mile radius
22 Emoji Emoticons
What if the Mac screen can fit all the Emojis? (
22 Octodon
10-key Physical Mobile Keyboard
18 Star Walk 2
Guide to the Sky Day and Night
15 CounterSpy
A new game revisiting the spy mythology
14 Kuddle
Instagram for kids
13 On Soundcloud
Partner program for Soundcloud creators
11 Reuters Sports Reel
Near-live photo coverage from major sporting events