Oct. 15, 2014

659 Bond
A simple app that reminds you to keep in touch with people
355 iOS 8 GUI PSD (iPhone 6)
A Photoshop template of GUI elements found in iOS 8.
353 Lukewarm Emailer
Build a list of people on Twitter, reach out w/ a cold email
318 Transform Ideas Book
Step-by-step guide to go from idea to software product
303 Meadow
On-demand medical marijuana delivery
252 Nexus 6
The new Google Nexus
189 Markhor Shoes
Beautiful handcrafted leather shoes from Pakistan
174 Canva for iPad
Amazingly simple graphic design. Now on iPad
166 Vonvo
Video Convo. Think Google hangouts meets Kickstarter
163 Orchestrate
Making databases simple again
114 Drafts 4
Quickly capture text on iOS and send it anywhere
110 HiveFlux
Real-time task management and planning
107 Moodprint
Effortlessly track and analyze your moods over time
100 Alien Blue
Alien Blue is now the official Reddit app
98 Butterfleye
Google's Nest meets Dropcam
91 Master Sketch
Web’s first educational resource devoted to Sketch
89 Man of Many
Men's fashion and lifestyle picks
83 Tweetdeck
Create a custom Twitter experience.
83 Android 5.0 Lollipop
A sweet new take on Android
80 Greentoe iOS app
Name-your-price e-commerce
79 Instabridge 2.0
Crowdsourced free wifi (now on Android)
74 Stream
Random stuff that people anonymously share from the web
73 Hipmunk
Cheap Flights, Cheap Hotels, and Travel Search
69 WinkDex iOS App
WinkDex provides the most accurate price of bitcoin.
59 Nexus Player
Apps, games, and more for your TV
59 EveryMove @Work
Enable companies to support & recognize physical activities
58 ProductBio
Automatic sustainability compliance
57 Asana Dashboards
See the big picture, with Dashboards
55 Nexus 9
The new google nexus tablet
51 KeyDisk 2
Awesome replacement to stupid key rings
48 Insta.revert
Get Twitter cards for Instagram back in your feed
47 Designer’s Guide to DPI
A beginner’s guide to DPI and cross-platform design
46 One Handed Keyboard
Awesome one handed keyboard for iOS.
42 GroupMe 5.0 for iOS
The best way to chat with everyone you know
39 Bliive
A new way to live experiences and share what you do best
39 SparkFun
Bits and Pieces to Make Electronics Projects Possible
39 Better Shopify Checkout
Transform your Shopify checkout page.
38 Trackmemo
Newsfeed of updates from all your cloud apps.
36 AsyncDisplayKit
iOS framework keeps complex UIs smooth and responsive
35 Yoga Studio
Hours of great yoga videos or build your own
30 Jam Messenger
Minimal push notification messenger for iOS 8.
25 Vinnect
One click video chat.
25 nurego
Analytics & Automation for Subscription Businesses
25 StyleSeat
Online Marketplace for Stylists and Beauty Pros
23 TreeJoy
Christmas Trees as a Service
21 Alipay ePass
Sell and deliver products directly to Chinese consumers
20 Ubi
Your family communicator
19 Oquonie
A weird cool puzzle game experience!
17 SciKey
Scientific keyboard for iOS 8
14 Voye Clutch (Kickstarter)
Leather handbag designed for your iPhone
11 Reversing Goggles (kit)
View the world upside down
11 Belay Specs
Allows belayers to look up without bending their necks
10 Credentialing Network
Helping employers identify and source talent.
6 Quadski
Amphibious Quad