Oct. 22, 2014

1699 Inbox by Google
Next generation inbox
776 Spruce
Simple way to make tweets stand out with stunning images
461 Adaptive Backgrounds
Extract dominant colours from images
431 Ethanifier
Build your own "Ethan" app in under 5 minutes
357 Fabric
Mobile developer platform by Twitter
332 Rocketship.fm
Make Your Startup a Rocketship
295 Openfolio
Sharing economy comes to personal investing, on your iPhone
216 Andy
Run Android on your Mac or PC
182 Flows
Chat Without Internet
174 Bootsnipp
Hundreds of hand picked snippets for Bootstrap
169 Tattly
Temporary tattoos for everyone
158 Card.io
Credit card scanning for mobile apps.
154 Nativ
Build and market native mobile apps without having to code.
154 Drop by Jawbone
Your personal DJ for every moment
142 Master Body Language
Body Language for Entrepreneurs Course
137 The Printful
Easy, on-demand t-shirt and poster printing and fulfillment
129 Float
Team Scheduling Done Right.
106 Practicing Rails
Learn Rails without getting overwhelmed.
104 Scratch House
Learn to cook from scratch, one mission at a time.
97 Magic Leap
Lightweight wearable that brings dreams to life.
96 Startup Challenge
A learning game for Startup Class by Sam Altman
89 Raygun
Effortless Error Tracking Software
85 The Creative Class
A well-designed class every freelancer should take
84 Wifi Kettle
More than just a kettle
82 Achieved
The smartest way to grow your skills with informal learning.
79 ClickMinded Course
6+ hours, 74 HD Videos of SEO and Digital Marketing Training
73 TouchStream
Drip campaigns for Gmail
72 Value Proposition Design
Book: Follow up to Business Model Generation
70 Wunderlist Discover
Create and Discover Public Wunderlists
67 MicroBlink
Real time text recognition for your mobile apps.
63 Qoffee
Stop wasting time in meetings. Get to the point with Qoffee
53 Gridcraft
The spreadsheet meets database - reinvented
52 Apple Maps Connect
Crowdsourced local listings portal by Apple
49 GaffGun
Clever way to keep people from tripping on cables.
48 Knightly Rage
Time the swing of your huge sword to kill all your enemies
46 Codrops Blueprints
Free website concepts ready to implement or modify
44 Lytics
Marketing activation platform
43 SVG Icons
Ready to use SVG icons for the web. Just copy & paste!
42 Earth View (Google Maps)
Load a gorgeous satellite image in every new Chrome tab
42 Dyson Humidifier
Hygienic humidification with even room coverage
39 View Source
View source code of websites from your phone's browser
39 SendHub
Phone System for the Mobile World
38 Pull Up Mastery
Conquer the Ultimate Bodyweight Exercise Once and For All
34 Uber XL
Request a ride with seating for up to six people
33 donate.ly
The Simplest Way to Fundraise.
32 Blooom
We fix your 401k for you.
32 Redactor
Flexible, extensible javascript WYSIWYG editor
31 Broadsheet
Create and publish responsive pages for free
27 Totango
#1 Customer Success Solution
27 Xrispi
Share just the stuff worth reading
25 The 50 Jacket
Insulated winter coat made of recycled waterbottles
25 Goodwell Toothbrush
Open source, eco-friendly toothbrush w/a subscription plan
22 Terminal.com
Terminal.com Enterprise Computing Environments
20 CustomVine
Connecting restaurants with winemakers to make custom wine
20 Findings
Your lab notebook, reinvented
17 Chimpanzee Street View
Google launches street view of Jane Goodall's Chimpanzees
16 P.A.T.H.
Prefabricated Technological Accessible Homes
16 Issuu Clip
Love it. Clip it. Share it.
14 Cloudplug
Twitter bot that turns 'cloud' into 'butt'
13 Pixel Plane
Modular RGB LED tiles (pre-launch)
10 Sony Morpheus
VR system that takes the PS4 to the next level of immersion
8 Make them fight
Make two stickmen simultaneously fight star-throwing ninjas
7 Cannonball
Magnetic Poetry Game from Twitter
5 Everykey
Bracelet that knows your passwords and unlocks your devices.