Oct. 23, 2014

1658 Coolors
Super fast color schemes generator for cool designers
968 Charlie
Make a killer impression on anyone you meet with
467 Rooms
Create a room for whatever you're into (by Facebook)
345 Buffer for iPad & iOS 8
Share to all your social media sites no matter where you are
258 Pixelmator (iPad)
Full-featured image editing app for the iPad
215 5by 3.0
Hand-pick all the best videos on the internet
212 Targeted.io
Test your email designs across 30+ clients before you send'm
186 Luxe Valet
New service in San Francisco that sends valets to you
169 TestFlight
Invite upto 1000 external testers using just their email IDs
157 Mighty Mug
Stop spilling shit
142 Remember When
Bond with friends over great memories
126 Tsū
New social network that pays its users to post
104 Gaze
Long distance movie night
100 FOUNDD 4.0 for iOS
Find new movies with friends
96 MailDude
Stop spam in your inbox - send it to MailDude
95 Microsoft Garage
Early access to projects as they come to life
95 BuiltWith Toolbar
Reveals the tech underneath a website. Browser extension.
86 Etsy Card Reader
Seamless Integration With Your Etsy Shop
82 NeuYear
The Moleskine of Calendars
79 Pressrush
Unlock your press outreach ninja superpowers
74 Push It
Simple location aware messaging
73 Composr
Record and compose songs together
69 Sales Hacking Course
Put Lead Gen on Autopilot
60 Cheddar Up
Collect Money From Groups
60 Fountain
Instant home & garden advice from experts (limited beta)
55 DevMate
The ultimate tool to distribute Mac apps
54 Shhout!
Shout out to all your friends, all at once!
46 Jurnid
Freelance journalists as content providers (pre-launch)
45 Assembly Coins
Create your own Cryptocurrency on the Bitcoin blockchain
44 X-Ray Goggles by Mozilla
Remix and Share Web Pages Instantly.
38 Sparkcentral
Social Media Helpdesk Platform
36 TinType by Hipstamatic
Create vintage self portraits w/ Hipstamatic's new photo app
31 Backflip
An app for creating & sharing stories using short flipbooks
30 OverDrive
eBook lending for free through public libraries
29 Whese
The simplest way to share what you are up to now.
27 Restroom Rater
Helps disabled find safe clean & accessible public restrooms
25 Glamsquad
Beautiful hair and makeup are just one click away.
20 Asymmetrical
A new kind of publishing company
18 Loopy Messenger
Like Snapchat, but solely with drawings
17 Olaf Scooter
Suitcase meets scooter
17 Twilio Plays 2048
Play Multiplayer 2048 via SMS
14 Hero Forge
Customized 3D printed mini figures.
14 Carvey
3D carving machine
13 MyCopier
A powerful multi-clipboard (iOs)
13 DataWeave
Intelligent Data for your Apps and Analytics
10 DataMan
Your superweapon against overage.
10 Sonic Decanter
Makes wine taste better via a patented sonic energy process.
9 Vidyo
The best video of the day sent as a text message.
8 Teleportante
Like Telephone but with drawings & guesses—up to 12 friends
7 General Sentiment
Using NLP for sentiment analysis across the web
FXNOW is an on-demand video service
7 Xpress
An app that understands selfies
4 Nubarron
The adventure of an unlucky gnome (pre-launch, game)
4 Bike Baron
The ultimate bike game for iOS
4 Illumio
Adaptive Security Platform