Nov. 4, 2014

898 Bartender
Organize and hide menu bar items on your Mac
810 Hooked
A book on how to build habit-forming products
650 How To Start A Startup
YC Stanford Class as an Audio Podcast Available on iTunes
499 Startup Movies
Movies, Series & Documentary on Entrepreneurs
372 Face++
API for face detection – also detects gender, age, pose
250 Amazon Prime Photos
Unlimited Photo Storage
243 PlayWith
Connect around sports and games
209 Silk 1.5
Publish data online and create interactive visualizations
163 208
Tinder for investors
158 Sticker Mule Marketplace
Easiest way to buy and sells stickers.
144 NUM
Insanely Hard Math Game
141 Disco
All Your Streaming Music in One Place (invite only)
121 PHunted
Be notified if a site you're browsing has been hunted or not
89 DecoyDigits
Don't want to share your phone number? Get Decoy Digits
86 WeWrite
Crowdsourced Storytelling
61 Your F*ckin Polling Place
Know where to vote today?
57 USBCell
USB rechargeable AA batteries
52 DragonDrop
Essential improvement to drag and dropping on your Mac
51 Tab for a Cause
Raise money for charity with each new tab you open
51 Writer's BLAHk
You talk, we write (love letters, sassy tweets, apologies..)
51 AT&T Device Unlock
Request a device unlock for your AT&T Mobile Devices
51 Yo Chrome Extension
Yo your friends the funny video you're watching in 2 clicks
49 WP Rocket
Speed Up Your WordPress Site in Less than 5 Minutes
47 Katib
A Markdown Editor for Arabic, Urdu, Farsi and Hebrew
47 Thanx
Effortless rewards at your favorite merchants.
44 Yoink
Yoink simplifies drag and drop on your Mac.
41 Japan Crate
Crazy Japanese candy delivered monthly
40 Google Container Engine
Service for building and running Docker container-based apps
38 We Need Diverse Books
Advocating and supporting non-majority narratives
38 Tiempy
Schedule posts on all social networks
35 Balls
Simple and Fun Tetris-like game with rotating balls
33 NodeCraft
Setup A Gaming Server In Less Than A Minute
32 Disney Movies Anywhere
Watch Disney, Pixar, and Marvel movies anywhere
27 EventBoard
iPad-based conference room booking and visitor checkin
21 BeON
Stress-Free Home Security
19 Preev
Simple cryptocurrency converter
17 Zap Bike Jacket
Glow-in-the-dark apparel for after-hours commuting
17 Tripr
Connecting Travelers Based on Future Plans
16 Bloop
Information-theoretically secure, expiring messages
14 Newsela
Daily news & personalized learning
12 Popcade
Relive arcade classics with this half scale arcade cabinet