Feb. 25, 2015

2891 Startup Stash
A curated directory of 400 resources & tools for startups
1027 StockSnap
Beautiful, free stock photos
637 Pixabay
Royalty-free high-quality images for commercial use
401 Atlas by Layer
Add messaging to your mobile app w/ this open source UI kit
312 Snapmail
Self-destructing text emails for Gmail (Chrome extension)
307 Squarespace Coverpages
Make a stunning single page website in minutes
214 Keen Home
A smart vent that heats & cools your home (pre-order)
179 Gradberry
Curated + code-verified software engineering talent
162 POPSUGAR Must Have
Monthly box of fitness, food, fashion, beauty, & home
151 Chrome Experiments
Showcase of web experiments written by creative coders
140 SocialRank for IG (early)
Identify & filter through your Instagram Followers
111 Metaflop
Design your own fonts for free
110 Skillshare 2.0
Learning for creators (now improved)
89 Coub Online Video Editor
Loop and remix videos in your browser
83 TragicDesign
The real cost of bad design and how we can fix it (book)
80 Ship Snow, Yo
We Ship Snow To Anyone in the US
76 LiftMetrix
Actionable Recommendations for Social Media
75 Ditto Endless
Rent glasses and swap for a new pair, anytime
74 Twitter for WordPress
Official Twitter plugin for WordPress, by Twitter
68 Recently Rejected
Curated graveyard for rejected design work
66 Tell Me Tru
Get anonymous replies on your question. No login required.
62 Syncano
Scalable backend to build complex apps with frontend code.
59 Sell Anything Online
Free email course on how to sell digital products
58 Love With Food
The easiest way to snack smart and do good
57 The Nordic Web Weekly
Curated news from the World's most prolific startup region
57 ScienceBox
Simple data science collaboration & productivity on the web
52 Folj
A lovely way to explore all your photos. In one place.
51 RancherOS
A minimalist distribution of Linux
47 Timeline
Twitter in your OS X notification center
46 Open Game Art
Free Art, Music (even Code) for Indie Game Devs
38 So You're The ______
A crowd sourced list of the best/worst people on Twitter
34 RideOn
Augmented reality ski goggles (prelaunch)
30 Saveapp
Helps you reach your savings goals
27 ChatSim
Chat with anyone, anywhere free of charge w/o a phone plan
25 Way to Go
A 360˚ interactive experience
25 Pocket Skater
World's most flexible camera skater
25 Enchroma
Glasses that fix colorblindness. Seriously.
24 Commuter Club
Savings of annual travel tickets in London
20 Fourcast
Create collages of 4 looping videos
18 Perdoo
Easily manage and track your OKRs
16 Stay Cool
Magically produce a pair of sunglasses on your face
15 Baby on Board
Ticket to a more comfortable commute for moms & moms to be