May 1, 2015

2123 Tesla Powerwall
Tesla home battery
723 Pivot
Drag and drop real-time HTML page building
533 Meerkat for Android
Tweet live video in one click, now on Android
411 Mave
Drop-in viral invite page w/ suggested contacts, in your app
308 PlateJoy
Healthy, personalized groceries delivered to your door
300 ReMARKable
Whiteboard paint, turns any surface into a dry erase board
218 htmlsig
Free & easy to use HTML email signature generator.
181 Pixel Thoughts
60 second meditation tool to clear your mind
179 Music Suggestions Ninja
Enter an artist's name & find similar, lesser known artists
156 Timely for Apple Watch
Scheduling and time tracking, right on your wrist
148 Bedazzle
Add rich text to your Tweets
143 PushMarket
Automate personalized emails for ecommerce (YC15)
122 Wisp
Easiest way to create a mobile employee handbook .
107 Awareness
Reminds you to take breaks without being annoying
101 Qup
Instant collaborative playlists for informal gatherings
69 Ask Vin Anything
You ask, Vin Diesel answers
56 Quick Compose
Tweet or post to Facebook from your iOS notification center
53 Oui Shave
The first luxury shave club for women. Oui Shave better.
46 Springrole for Chrome
Peer referral recruiting marketplace, w/ a chrome extension
44 Magic 8 Ball Official App
For those hard decisions in life
36 WatchPlate
Gold plate your Apple Watch for $399
31 Noodles
A relaxing, simple, addictive iOS puzzle game, with noodles!
25 Vida for Android
Real health coaches in your pocket