May 12, 2015

1819 Lily
A drone with a camera that follows you. Throw it in the air.
1067 Think Kit by FiftyThree
Mobile whiteboarding at the speed of thought
849 Fit Men Cook
Cook once, eat healthy all week.
561 BUSH
Snoop Dogg's latest album, produced by Pharrell
480 Fake it Make it
A free eBook about UX design and rapid app prototyping
462 Speak
Push-to-talk audio w/ your team for Mac w/ Slack integration
371 Gibbon 2.0
Make your team smarter: Share knowledge with your colleagues
341 Tictail for mobile
Start your e-commerce store, on your phone
297 Skynet
Desktop messaging, beautiful and functional
243 Silk 2.0
Publish data online and create interactive visualizations
221 Intercom for mobile apps
A better way to connect with mobile users
204 Duet Display
Your iPad as a beautiful extra display, now for Windows
200 OptinMonster
Convert website visitors into subscribers
166 FilePizza
Fastest way to securely send files
163 Meadow + Sidecar Deliveries
On-demand medical marijuana delivered by Sidecar
139 Complete
Compose email 2x faster
104 ThinkApps for Watch
Create an interactive Apple Watch app prototype in 10 mins.
98 Radeeus
Listen to music in real-time with anyone
91 Madhat
Snapchat meets Twitter.
90 Zen Finance
Text 415-689-6447 for instant personalized financial advice
89 SherpaShare Driver
Drive smarter, earn more!
85 MasterClass
Learn from the best practitioners, from Usher to Serena.
85 Dictation
Easy online speech-to-text dictation in your browser
81 Kompyte
Track your competitors in real-time
77 AI Standing Desk
A smart standing desk that talks & listens (pre-launch)
73 TunnelBear Chrome extension
TunnelBear for Chrome to get around blocked websites
68 Bleep
BitTorrent's encrypted P2P chat app
65 Steam Spy
All the data and stats about Steam games
61 MikMak
Infomercials that aren't boring and are on your phone!
57 Product Hunt BINGO
Play along on the front page every day!
53 Device Lab
The responsive development stand.
43 Revision App
Video based exam preparation on your mobile
6 OneBillion
Excellent child learning apps, but an even better vision
4 Box of Rocks
Rocks. In a Box. Monthly. Or just once. World. Disrupted.