May 14, 2015

1726 Sunrise Meet
The fastest way to schedule a one-to-one meeting
511 Buffalo
Blogging made simple.
396 The Twenty Minute VC (podcast)
Learn about venture capital, startup funding and the pitch
384 TinyTake
Free, simple screen capture & video recording tool
319 40 Day Startup 2.0
From Idea to Launch in 40 Days, without knowing how to code.
292 RAUR 2.0
Listen to and interact with your favorite podcasts.
290 WifiMapper
Find free WiFi anywhere in the world
259 The Ultimate Guide To Medium (eBook)
How I made $10k from one story & other viral strategies
237 Roadtrippers
Maps built for travelers. Now on Apple Watch.
Tap a button and get a tank of gas delivered to your car
140 Encrypto
Encrypt the files you send.
117 StartupAdventure
A "choose your own adventure" story for startup founders
114 Saucedrop
Subscription box for premium hot sauces
112 Thyme
Simple Mac menubar app to time your tasks
112 UXTest
Make your site more successful
109 Bubble for Messenger
Send a GIF with a pixel speech bubble on Facebook Messenger
106 MemSQL
World's fastest in-memory database
101 SalesWise
A gorgeous launchpad for sales people
88 MapTab
View beautiful maps each time you open a new tab
83 Coherent UI
HTML5 GUI designed for real-time applications and games
78 Beard Bib
Solving the task of cleaning up after shaving
73 LightUp
Wireless, drag & drop coding with AR that's actually useful
72 Horizon 3
Calendar + weather. An app to help plan your life.
71 Headlines
Helping teams stay connected as they grow
68 Irresistible Podcasting
A daily Q&A show answering your podcasting questions
65 Rdio Select
$3.99/mo for ad-free radio + 25 daily downloads
63 Homicide Watch
Explore the distribution and dynamics of global homicides
60 Fame.Farm
Who’s performing nearby? Stream artists with upcoming shows.
55 MashMe
Become your favorite animated character
49 BubbleGlobe
Book unique things to do with locals
44 Genderize
API to determine the gender by first name
36 Qaribu
Pinterest for travel destinations
33 Nugget
See what your friends shared about the sites you browse
31 Gummy Munchies
Subscription gummy candy (heck yah!)
28 BykMe
Peer-to-peer bike renting network
17 Blushrr
Networking app for business women
14 Linkis
Share personalized links & increase engagement of any page